4D Lotto Results Today 18 September 2023

4D Lotto Results Today: September 18, 2023 – Check Your Luck!

Your lucky day may have arrived! Check the 4D Lotto Results Today 18 September 2023 , and see if you’ve won big.

4D Lotto Winning Combinations Today – September 18, 2023

Draw Time 4D Result
18 September 2023 – 9:00 PM 1-4-5-0
Jackpot Prize & Winner
4D Lotto Results Today 18 September 2023

What is 4D Lotto?

PCSO is also telling about the 4D lotto game. This is most popular in the Philippines. In this game, every player have to choose 4 numbers from 0000 to 9999 and the winning numbers are drawn in the exact direction and the player can win the prize when their four numbers are an exact match with the winning number. The jackpot prize is PHP 10 million and if you win your life is changed.

How to Play

Playing 4D Lotto in the Philippines is simple. Choose four digits, decide how much you want to bet, and purchase a ticket from any authorized PCSO outlet. You can either choose your own lucky numbers or let the system generate them for you. The excitement of potentially winning big is the same regardless of how you choose your numbers.

After purchasing your ticket, double-check it for accuracy. The draw takes place in the evening, so tune in to the PCSO’s official live stream or check their website for the results. It’s crucial to play responsibly within your budget and enjoy the thrill of this game of chance, given the many play types and prize possibilities. Who knows, your chosen numbers could lead you to a 4D Lotto win! Good luck

Prizes & Jackpots

The jackpot prize for 4D Lotto starts at PHP 25,848.00 and rolls over if there is no winner in a draw. The jackpot prize can reach millions of pesos if it rolls over for several draws.


Playing a lottery is method of gambling and during playing you can lose your money. But in between you can get more excitement and fun. Try your luck and actually win a life-changing award in form of Money.

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