EZ2 Result Today

EEZ2 Result Today 06 September 2023 is out now. According to the EZ2 lotto draw for today is available now. The draw are held at 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM. The result will be also announced at the official Pcso website and their social media pages. You can also verify from that.

EZ2 Result Today 07 September 2023

You can find the results on the official PCSO website and their social media pages, or confirm them there.

Draw Time Winning Numbers
2:00 PM 07-23
5:00 PMWait
9:00 PMWait

Here is the latest and updated EZ2 (2D) Result Today 06 September 2023

he Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) also offers five different lottery games for everyone 6/58 Lotto, 6/55 Lotto, 6/49 Lotto, 6/45 Lotto, 6/42 Lotto, 6D Lotto, 4D Lotto, Swertres (3D) Lotto  PCSO also offer STL games for specific areas of the Philippine and this game is supporting charities.

EZ2 Result Yesterday for 06 September 2023

Draw Time Winning Numbers
2:00 PM 22-21
5:00 PM05-06
9:00 PM22-21

EZ2 (2D) Results History and Summary for 2023

During this year 2023, the PCSO EZ2 (2D) lotto game saw people trying their luck every day. This year, numerous numbers came up as winners, making it a pretty interesting journey. There were moments of pleasure and not-so-exciting times from the start to the end. Let’s investigate the history and summary of EZ2 (2D) results for the year to get a clear image of how it all played out.

Draw Date2:00 PM5:00 PM9:00 PM
07 September 2023 07-23
06 September 2023 22-2106-0522-21
05 September 2023 23-2019-1718-24
25 August 202312-04waitwait
24 August 202310-0112-0803-06
23 August 202312-0723-1617-16
22 August 202323-2716-2013-01
21 August 202331-2407-1601-03
20 August 202323-0709-1727-02
19 August 202318-2128-1623-25
18 August 202328-0119-0613-10
17 August 202308-1414-0607-15
16 August 202305-0301-2704-11
15 August 202311-0306-0122-24
14 August 202323-2815-0821-17
13 August 202321-2924-0730-18
12 August 202326-2713-0414-11
11 August 202316-0324-2909-10
10 August 202309-0904-0926-18
09 August 202305-1302-0107-29
08 August 202330-1505-0811-21
07 August 202319-1128-3126-12
06 August 202325-0723-2225-02
05 August 202330-1001-1817-04
04 August 202304-2203-1415-16
03 August 202312-1125-1508-09
02 August 202312-0121-1814-05
01 August 202319-2223-1013-30

The ez2 lotto offer the jackpot prize is Php 4000.


EZ2 (2D) lotto is very simple lotto game and easy-to-play. This game provides you a chance to win big prize in shape of cash amount. You can play this game every day similarly you have more chances to win. The rule of game is also very simple you just need to select two numbers from the set of 0 to 31.

At the time of draw winning numbers come from a random order. If you numbers are match with winning numbers you won the Jackpot. But in this game 1 winner among 1024. PCSO already make a criteria for winning numbers match in drawn. That is given bellow:

EZ2 Result Today

Here are the prizes for EZ2 Lotto:

  • Standard Play: PHP 4,000 – if you get the two numbers drawn in exact order.
  • Rambolito: PHP 2,000 – if you get the two numbers drawn in any order.
  • 2-Way: PHP 50 if you get 2 of the numbers drawn in any order.
  • 1-Way: PHP 5 if you get 1 of the numbers drawn in any order.

Note: The prizes are subject to 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).

Advantages of EZ2 (2D) Lotto

EZ2 is a well-known and favored PCSO lottery game for several reasons:

  • It’s easy to play; just pick two numbers from 0 to 9.
  • The EZ2 (2D) lotto jackpot prize is PHP 4,500.00 for every PHP 10.00 wagered.
  • You can play this lottery multiple times a day at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM.
  • Plus, it’s a fantastic way to contribute to charities, as a portion of ticket sales supports the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Tips on How to Win 2D Lotto or EZ2

While luck plays a role in winning EZ2, these tips can enhance your chances:

  • Carefully select your numbers. Avoid picking two numbers at random; consider researching previous winning numbers or using an auto-generated number generator.
  • Opt for the Rambolito option to increase your chances of winning, as it allows for any order of the two winning numbers.
  • Play multiple tickets to improve your odds.
  • Regularly check your ticket results to know if you’ve won as soon as possible.


2D (EZ2) is a PCSO-authorized lottery game that provides entertainment, excitement, and winning possibilities. It stands as one of PCSO’s premier offerings, offering a combination of fun and charity support.

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